Friday, 19 June 2020

What I need to go through...

After having a very bad life for two years. Now, a better life is in the making. When I am at the lowest of life, life teach me everything clearly which you never realized except you are in that situation. You can see what is actually life about. You can be more understanding another person even if you are not in their situation. You will be less judging because it's really drag someone down. You will always be supportive in honest way. You will not take care of someone heart, but you will take care of their life. Trust me you will never realized those things clearly, if you are not experience this moment. So that, I'm not mad at anyone who not understand my story. My surrounding. It's okay because you are not experience it. And i wish you are not. It's hurt so damn much.

What i need to go through now, 
a more challenging life routine. Since i will become 21 years old, there is a lotttttttttt of things happen. All those things, is burden me. But i have no choice except turn it become a gift to me. But at 21, i need to be more professional. It is so hard for me but i know that i have no choice except through it. One day, it become real. If at that time, all people proud of me.. I'm gonna turn back and read this again.The first move is not easy. but i'm pretty sure the result will be the best.

Best woman for the best man. He will come soon, he has a big heart to have me. He will put all his efforts to win my heart. He is the best for me. A true love will come soon. He just prepared himself for me, and i'm gonna be the first option in his life after his mother. I'm pretty sure since i'm the one who always put efforts on everything. Weak man not deserve me. If he left me, he just weak. Weak man cannot be with strong woman. If i'm the strong woman, then you must be the stronger man.

Being silent and observing the situation, i slowly understand. First, there is no things happen without permission from Allah. Second, all things happen is planned by Allah. Nothing to be regret, whenever it is a good or bad things. Please make sure you close your ears when anyone else keep talking about your life. Who is them? Just nothing. Ignore. They don't know what you think, faced and go through. They know nothing. So stay strong, stay pretty and trust your own journey.

Dear Faezah, you did well so far.
You just good at the way you are.
Keep believe & trust your own journey.
Keep praying and think positive.

* talk to yourself when you feel sad. appreciate yourself.


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